Apple has finally launched Apple Watch OS 2 after a five days delay from the announced date.

The iPhones and compatible smartwatchs comes with several flavors, different cases, sizes, colors and interchangeable Apple Watch bands that are much expensive.

Apple watch reveals its engine, microphone, digital crown and even much more to developers for incoming apps that can supercharge the watch experience.

The Apple watch comes with updated features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, new shapes of watch with interchangeable bands, email replies and better Siri capabilities.


Design and Display

While talking about its design, it’s come with three models, stainless steel, aluminum sport and gold edition.

38mm Aluminum case sport watches is much cheaper and slightly comfortable than heavier steel and gold watches. But some people prefer shiny exterior of the more expensive model of steel and gold watches.

The features of all models are same. The case is slightly thicker than an android wear watch but has a stylish curved glass and rounded off corners on the top and a small collision to its composite back heart rate sensor.

The thickness leave for two large buttons, a stylish digital crown and generally named side button. Both buttons are on the right side for pressing and scrolling through menus. On the left side, there is a microphone and a speaker.

For the aluminum watch, smooth straps are available in white, black, pink, green and blue colors that feel comfortable and easier to buckle.

Coming to its display, a sapphire glass of the Apple watch situates a bright and colorful OLED.  Apple used a right screen technology for watch and its OLED display draw less battery when screen is dark. With OLED only the pixels used are turned on, and fewer pixels equals less battery sustain.

apple i watch

Battery Life and Charging

The battery life of apple watch 18 hours, which would turn into a full day if someone were to ever keep to a normal sleeping schedule. Apple Watch reduces the battery in three hours if used for non-stop phone calls. Working out with the heart rate monitor or listening to music does the same in six hours. On the other hand, just checking the time every so often increases it to 48 hours.      

Using the Watch Day to Day

Well it’s a worthy product for your wrist wear. You can receive texts, emails Skype calls and monitors your heart rates and such other things. Apple has included great features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, but as compared to phone, you can’t use Bluetooth when the Watch is in flight mode.


A Brilliant New Breed of Apps

Apps, on the other hand, are open to developers, and it reveals. There are plenty are release, and the best Apple Watch apps are those from Apple itself. Apple’s built-in timer let you set the timer for cooking and the laundry, without requiring you to take out your iPhone. Its passbook functioned perfectly at the airport and Apple Pay allowed you to buy food at any restaurant while you continued to play on your smartphone.


Running and Fitness Tracking

Apple Watch isn’t a fitness band, watch or fashion addition, regardless of taking a bit from each of those beliefs. It’s hard to determine what it really is, which means that customers may struggle to rationalize the purchase.

The fitness tracking is extensive (in as much a physical exercise tracking system can be) in that it wants you to exercise for half hour per day, stand for at least a minute for 12 hours and burn enough calories every 24 hours. It’ll also tell you steps and distance traveled, which is a staple of the tracker.


The Apple Watch both amazed and dissatisfied in that respect, with some things influencing with their insight such as being able to add in heart rate monitors is a nice touch, and the overall polish of the edge on the OLED display isn’t something expecting from a first gen product.