A Comparison between Apple Watch and Android Wear


2014 was the year of fitness trackers, and despite our comprehensive reservations, devices like the DT-praised Misfit Luster are starting to strike their stride when it comes to collecting accurate biometric data, enhanced quality features, and even an attractive design. So, the smartwatch market is rapidly growing to rival them. There’s currently a swath of smartwatch

The Smartwatch Industry Report


It has become clear that smartwatches are poised to become the next personal computing hub. The road to ubiquity isn’t without barriers, but smartwatches have what it will take to win. In a recent report on the wearable computing market from BI Intelligence, Business Insider discusses other barriers to adoption, including price, limited functionality, and style.   Business Insider also

Asus ZenWatch – Elegance, Fashion and Style with Curved Glass Smartwatch

Asus ZenWatch

While the preliminary batch of smartwatches have been developed in terms of design, choosing performance over style, things have deviated for the better with the existing crop of Android Wear devices at our disposal. The number of options have gradually been increasing over the latter half of this year, with some excellent devices on offer

Sony Smartwatch 3 Review

Sony has a well established history with smartwatches, however the new SmartWatch 3 is the first to use Google’s Android Wear operating system, opening it approximately more apps, and a bigger audience. The SmartWatch 3 doesn’t have the marketplace to itself though, and comes at a time when there are numerous preferable Android Wear watches

LG G Watch R: First Full Circle Smartwatch


Smartwatches have been around for a very long time now, ever so unwillingly trying to instill the tech spirit into among the earliest devices in the history of the world – the time piece. However a wrist watch is meant for more than telling the time – it’s likewise a fashion statement. And as cool

Industrial Revolution via Wearable Technology


Wearable technology is the growing trend of fusing electronics with conventional accessories such as watches, glasses, and bracelets. Wearable technology has reached a tipping point for mainstream adoption as developers take advantage of the devices full potential to discover ingenious methods to incorporate wearable devices into day-to-day business operations. These devices can offer many advantages

Apple iWatch Review: Everything you need to know


Apple jumps with both feet into wearable tech by announcing iWatch, and looks set to launch in early 2015. Apple revealed its plans to launch new Smartwatch at the launching ceremony on September 9, alongwith the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The Apple iWatch has a custom-made UI that offers compatibility with wrist-borne apps,

What is Android Wear and How can it change the world?


What is Android Wear? Android is an exceptionally popular operating system from Google and runs on a variety of smartphones and tablets. Android Wear builds on Android to bring wearable devices like smartwatches to life. Google sees Android Wear as providing glanceable and actionable information. This means that a user merely needs to flick his

Memory Feud: A Brain Teaser to Sharpen your Memory for Years


There are hundreds of brain-training books, computer or mobile games, websites and devices available in market, all claiming to make your brain friskier and maybe even faster and efficient than that. You must do the mental exercises regularly to sharpen your mind, but they shouldn’t be too easy. You have to cross train, work different

Wearable Gaming: A Collection of Premium Smartwatch Games

Mobile, tablets and phablets have all brought us closer to the screen than Computers ever could. Additionally the convenience in terms of mobile apps have greatly changed our lifestyle, shopping, browsing, entertainment or gaming patterns. It’s nearly impossible to imagine a time when we didn’t have communications, maps, email, trackers in our pockets. The biggest