Wear Hopper: Heart-stopping Action in a Hollywood-Style Car Chase


Are you looking to unleash your inner petrolhead? If you’re a devoted racing game fan, or fancy some driving action, chances are you’ve been playing Need for Speed, GTA, CSR Racing, GTR Racing sort of games for desktop, Android and iOS devices. For years, there are some undisputed champions in the racing space. But if

Save the Troops – An Exciting Survival Game for Android Smartwatch


Mobile games these days are largely dominated by free-to-play cross-platform offerings that often pressure users to spend money later on. Often it’s about spending money or inviting friends just to be able to continue playing the game rather than the more traditional paying for optional upgrades or bonus content. After the emergence of wearable devices

Time to visit Cosmos, Galaxies and Solar System on Smartwatch


In the last few months, we have witnessed some viral growth in wearable technology, its apps and games. As Samsung, LG and Motorola have already launched their smartwatches and they are trying to improve it for an even better user experience, apps and game developers and studios are keen to attract the smartwatch users. So

How Smartwatch can add value to your life?

2014 is the year of the smartwatch. While this technology is not a current invention, 2014 will certainly be undoubtedly kept in mind as the year companies got serious about it. Once again, the major buzz was created by Apple with the launch of the Apple Watch, despite the fact that Samsung was currently offering its

A Smartwatch Game You Can’t Put Down

Roos Tap Adventure

In recent years, many famous and widely used mobile games have been introduced on cross platform or on single device. All of these games have mixed degrees of success in terms of platforms, gameplay or concept the the game. There is a big collection of simple jumping game on Google Play to be played on

7 Free to play Games on your Android Wear Smartwatch

Android Wear is still a newer technology and highly appreciated by early adopters but sooner or later everyone will wear an Android smart device. It’s still early days, but as a starting point the current development of Android Wear apps promises a brighter future. While it’s true that Android Wear is geared towards contextual notifications and fast access

Why Wearable Tech is a Good Fit

The wearable tech market is progressing and the potential is big. 91 % of Americans are thrilled about wearable tech– consisting of watches (30%), clothes (22%) and glasses (19%), according to a new survey by Wakefield Research for Citrix. In addition, many Americans (60%) think wearable tech will be as usual as smartphones, usually, in 6

War of Wearables! Moto 360 vs Apple iWatch

Last year, there was tough competition between Android and Apple Smartphones, iPads, tablets and operating systems of these smartphones. But now as the technology has actually advanced, the competition has actually shifted from the smartphones to the smartwatches. After launch of Android wear, which works with Android devices, Apple too has actually introduced the much

Deadly Spikes: The Next-Gen Bird Game in Town


There are times when you want to play an easy game on smartphone or smartwatch. You do not wish to play a heavy 3-D graphics and a kick-ass game story. All you need is an easy yet appealing task to feel the story of a game. These games are developed to bring joy, pleasure and

Castle Stormer – An Endless Ninja Style Runner

Castle Stormer

Teensy Studios have actually proven themselves again to be amongst the world’s best developers of wearable gaming. Skyscraper Jumper, Wear Rider, Worm Turns & much more are popular amongst android wear smartwatch users. Now Teensy Studios has released their first game about a ninja that loves to climb up. Castle Stormer, the latest action and adventure game was released