Happy Hunting on Your Android Wear Smartwatch


Android Wear is shaping up to be a decent little smartwatch platform, but how is it for gaming? While it is true that Android Wear is geared toward contextual notifications and quick access to certain functions, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use that new screen on your wrist to pass the time without having to pull up

Samsung Gear Live: Probably the best Smartwatch you can buy for now

The Samsung Gear Live took the familiar hardware from the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, refined it a bit, and put Google’s Android Wear operating system on it to make it the first Samsung smartwatch compatible with all Android phones running KitKat 4.3 or later on, even those made by other producers. After a month of

Monster Jump: A Wearable Game you can’t put down


The unique hand-drawn jumping adventure is now available on Android Wear Smartwatch as wearable game. Monster Jump is insanely addictive game for your wearables you just can’t put down. Monster jump is simple tap to jump wearable game. You need to score points by jumping between platforms. Platforms dissolve under you or move around as

Moto 360 Review: Stylish and Elegant Smartwatch with Exceptional Features

Moto 360 demonstrates that smartwatches can be as stylish as its android software is practical, making it the first Android Wear watch worth strapping to your wrist. Its circular watch face is similar to the trendy designer watches with analog tickers, not square-shaped smartwatches. The really computerized-looking Pebble Steel, Samsung Gear Live and LG G

A Must Have Sci-Fi Game for your Wearable Smartwatch


Get ready for an action packed ride that you won’t ever forget! Jetman is a freestyle journey through space on your wearable device. This game is all about survival. It will have you making weird faces every time you narrowly brush a rock at breakneck speed just so you can score more. No coins, no

​LG G Watch Review: A Wearable You’ll Love to Wear


The LG Watch is one of the very first smartwatches, together with the Samsung Gear Live and Moto 360, to operate on Google’s brand-new Android Wear operating system. It’s likewise the Korean company’s 3rd effort at making a watch with smartphone functionality. This time it’s thinking about the G Watch as a buddy for your

Swirl Attack: Simple, Addictive and fabulous Wear Game


As always we are curious about indie games – especially the ones which are free because we think those developers have done something extra ordinary. Swirl Attack is one of those. It is a gorgeously designed and highly addictive arcade game which blends retro addictive gameplay with smooth graphics and simple controls for android wear

Mind your tail: Classic Snake Game is back on Wearable Smartwatch


The classic snake is back and on your wearable!  Worm Turns for Android Wear Smartwatch is very popular and thousands of gamers around the world would be glad to get it. Reviewed and appreciated by masses as the grandaddy of mobile gaming, Snake got a huge fame onto Nokia phones. It was a simple but

Android Smartwatch: Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch vs Moto 360


Smartwatches bearing Google’s Android Wear operating system are on the horizon. There are three wrist-worn Android smartwatches that we know of so far: the square-shaped Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch, and the round-faced Motorola Moto 360. Display In terms of sheer display size the Moto 360 is middle of the pack. Since it has very minimal bezel it still

Wear Rider: First Bike Racing Game for Android Smartwatch

wear rider

Its time for the speed junkies to slap on their helmet, get ready and experience some high-octane racing! The very simple concept and control of Wear Rider puts it in the addicting category, and surely hard to put it down. You need to drive down the open highways and try to pass closely without crashing. This