Wearable Games: Is it the next big thing or just a fad?


Google is one of the world’s biggest, creative and innovative technology companies, and it’s obvious that they are pioneers in the wearable technology that you can actually use. They have introduced Google Glass and smartwatches. Alongwith these devices, many other wearable devices has already been introduced by different manufacturers such as wearable cameras, fitness and

What Goes Around, Comes Around – Ball Escape Android Wear Game

Ball Escape

Just a few days after the launch of Android Wear Sartwatches, many games and apps hit the Google Play store, just because of the potential in this domain. Teensy Studios has knocked-off of the competition in gaming arena of smartwatches by releasing 17 wearable games so far. So you can actually play a game while

Tap and Zap: To Test Your Reflexes


If you’re looking for a new game to play on your smartwatch, check out Tap and Zap. It is an action packed challenge that is available both on wearable devices. With fun mischievous bitesize action on wearable smartwatches, this free game packs a punch. Tap and Zap is one of the most fun and addictive free

Time to save Earth from Alien Invasion: Radiant Fighter

Radiant Fighter

This time, you need to save the homeland of the Radiant Fighter from the alien invasion. Radiant Fighter is one of the best classic arcade game for wearables. It introduced the world to fight with aliens on your smartwatch. There wasn’t much before it, pong and jumps basically. Gameplay in Radiant Fighter is relatively simple.

Path Finder – Do you have a skillful Finger?

Path Finder

We all are supposed to follow a certain path in life, but we rarely can. So we stumble forward blindly, failing over and over again, earning only few successes in the process. But all the while, we have no real idea why we’re doing it. So this game is all about finding the right path.

Burj Builder: A Tower Building Game for Android Wearable Smartwatch

Burj Builder

Happy building! From the developers of Skyscraper Jumper, Evil Mountie, Radiant Fighter and many more, Burj Builder is another effort to stand firm in differentiality and uniqueness of games on wearable devices by Teensy Studios. All you need to play is by single tap – and a sharp pair of eyes. The blocks are moving

Evil Mountie: Tale of a Ranger Gone Mad

Evil Mountie

As the launch of wearable devices, the battle to find a space on your wrist is on, from big names like Motorola, Samsung and LG. These smartwatches are so handy to let you keep your phone in your pocket by delivering notifications right to your wrist. That way, you can see who is calling or

Tiny Table Tennis: Top Rated Android Wear Game


Table Tennis, or Ping Pong originated as a sport in Britain during the 1880s, at that time it was known as Wiff-Waff. Although the name changed, the principle stays the same: Two bats, One small ball and One net. We have a lot of different Ping Pong games here for you to try! Now fast

Turtle Quest: Probably the Best Android Wear Game

best android wear game

Turtle Quest is an endless-swimmer game. It couldn’t be more simpler. It’s a “one-touch” game, meaning you only have one control to worry about — tapping the screen to make the turtle swim. You must use this single control to avoid crashing into the hurdles. Rather simple, yet increasingly addictive. The intensity amongst peers trying