Apple Watch, an Expensive Convenience Gadget

Apple has finally launched Apple Watch OS 2 after a five days delay from the announced date. The iPhones and compatible smartwatchs comes with several flavors, different cases, sizes, colors and interchangeable Apple Watch bands that are much expensive. Apple watch reveals its engine, microphone, digital crown and even much more to developers for incoming

LG Watch Urbane Review

As the need and demand for better-looking Android Wear smartwatches is gradually increasing, its however being answered. Its time to take on the very special Apple Watch and the new Pebble Time Steel. First Sony decided to give the SmartWatch 3 a stainless build, with the Moto 360 and the new Huawei Watch doing the

MWC: Top smartwatches launched at Mobile World Congress 2015

Mobile World Congress MWC 2015

This year at Mobile World Congress, the trade show held in Barcelona has been truly taken over by wearables. Smartwatches are becoming popular and as important as smartphones, and similarly it has become important to the manufacturers to build smartwatches alongwith smartphones to stay alive in the race. And what’s a better place to reveal

The apocalypse is here: Zombie Bomb on Android Wear Smartwatch


For people who like horror or zombie movies like Evil Dead, World War Z, Resident Evil or Land of the Dead  and even more, many zombie games has been introduced over a long period of time. These games are available on almost every platform from playstation to desktop to mobile. We can hardly find any

Google Play featured game Deadly Spikes gets an update

You would have noticed a game in wear category of Google Play for a few months, if you have got a chance to go through it. Deadly Spikes is one of the widely played and loved game for Android wear Smartwatch due to  its engaging and addictive elements. It is one of the best games

Huawei Android Wear smartwatch launching in March

Image Source: Android Central

Chinese mobile maker Huawei has revealed a smartwatch up in its sleeve. The device will be powered by Google’s Android Wear operating system and will be launched around March. The company, now a days, is committed to launch its first wearable running Android Wear, which will be readily available to view at Mobile World Congress. MWC is the big

Apple Watch launch set for April 2015

Photo Credit: Mashable

The Apple Watch will start shipping in April to customers, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who revealed that month as the expected target launch date for the company on Apple’s Q1 2015 earnings call. The timeframe for launch was referred to as “early 2015″ when the Apple Watch was originally revealed in September of last year. The

Expected Types of Apple Watch Games

When the Apple Watch was announced, its developers appreciated its capacity for efficient communication, health tracking, navigation and more. However what wasn’t discussed was its prospective effect on gaming. Gaming is one of the biggest industry in mobile and wearable sector. Developers and game studios are already very curious about the possibilities and future of

War of the Wearables: Google vs Apple


The wearable market has actually begun to heat, with major players, as expected, being Apple and Google. Google having Android Wear, the wearable operating system used in devices like the Moto 360. Apple, however, has developed an operating system specifically for its upcoming Smartwatch, the Apple Watch. Something that both Apple and Google share when it

Ball Blast: Real Test of Timing and Accuracy on Smartwatch

Ball Blast is another action game to improve your sense of timing and reflexes on Android Wear Smartwatch. It is a painfully addictive tennis style game where the goal is to get the highest score possible. This wearable game has solid physics and a real test of your accuracy and timing. With some simplistic visuals