There are times when you want to play an easy game on smartphone or smartwatch. You do not wish to play a heavy 3-D graphics and a kick-ass game story. All you need is an easy yet appealing task to feel the story of a game. These games are developed to bring joy, pleasure and excitement with simple taps on the screen.

Deadly Spikes is yet another easy game with a lot of engaging and addicting elements. The gameplay is simple and load time is fast. It is another game that follows the long standing custom of including birds in addictive games. The concept is to save your bird hitting the spikes by tapping on the screen that is always inclined towards bottom by gravity.

Instead of controlling a flappy bird through tubes, trees or buildings, Deadly Spikes is entirely square, and you’ll be bouncing off the walls while attempting to prevent the spikes. The amount of spikes increases as you play the game and the positioning of these spikes is random, which can lead to add more difficulty in gameplay. It’s really a lot of fun.

Deadly Spikes - Best Game for Android Wearable Smartwatch

Deadly Spikes - Best Game for Android Wearable Smartwatch

Deadly Spikes is an exciting game for android wearable smartwatch that is going to test your reaction time, reflexes, perseverance. Much like Flappy Bird, you’ll be tasked to control a feathered bird as it flies around the closed location, trying to escape the cage. Nevertheless, this game has more pressure, twists and excitements by removing the pipes and scrolling action. Rather, you’ll find a bird trapped in a square location, surrounded by spikes.

On the top and bottom of the screen, you’ll discover a series of deadly spikes. On the sides, you will certainly see more spikes. However, these spikes constantly move, leaving only little gaps for your bird to bounce off. As long as you continue flapping around the screen in between areas of spikes, you’re score will go up. However, touch a pointy and sharp spike, and it’s game over for you.

You need to handle the flight of bird smartly and properly to save it from the spikes from all four sides of the screen. The scoring system provides you one point each time you avoided from striking the spike.

If you’ve tried lots and lots of terrible games lately and wish to enjoy something a little different, check out Deadly Spikes on the Google Play Store. This game is perfect for all Android wearable smartwatches i.e. Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and Moto 360.

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