You would have noticed a game in wear category of Google Play for a few months, if you have got a chance to go through it. Deadly Spikes is one of the widely played and loved game for Android wear Smartwatch due to  its engaging and addictive elements. It is one of the best games that follows the rich variety of including birds in one touch games. It’s really a lot of fun.

The concept of Deadly Spikes is to save the bird hitting the spikes by tapping on the screen. The bird is always inclined towards bottom by gravity and you need to keep it up from the ground by a fair distance. You don’t need to control a bird through tubes, trees or buildings, it has circular playground, and the bird will be bouncing off all the walls while attempting to prevent the spikes. The amount of spikes increases as you play the game and the positioning of these spikes is random, which can lead to add more difficulty in gameplay.

Deadly Spikes is a tough game for android wearable smartwatch that is going to test your reflexes. The bird is actually trying to escape the cage by moving right or left. This game has more pressure, twists and excitements by removing the pipes or scrolling action and adding up more novel twists.deadly spikes character skin

The game has a latest update that made it more interesting with additional options in terms of character and environment. 3 power-ups has also been added to provide a better control of the gameplay. As the bird is collecting candies flying on its way, so the player having more candies can buy more power-ups or skins for the bird.

One candy is equal to 1 coin, and you need coins to buy anything from the store. Each power-up has its own feature. Magnet will enable the bird to catch more candies from a fair distance. Shield will keep it safe from a collision with spikes. SlowMotion will decrease the speed of the bird and it would be easier to control afterwards.

There are 4 more skins available now alongwith a default skin. The list of the skins is given below. Also, to purchase these skins and power-ups, you can buy the candies or the coins from the store. The list of the coins is also given below:


  • Magnet for 50 candies
  • Shield for 75 candies
  • SlowMotion for 100 candies



  • Cute Captain for 100 candies
  • The Pirate for 500 candies
  • Batman for 500 candies
  • The Angry Viking for 1000 candies



  • 1000 candies for $0.99
  • 2500 candies for $1.99
  • 4000 candies for $2.99
  • 7500 candies for $3.99
  • 10000 candies for $4.99

There is a Bonus level in new update of the game. You can upgrade to the bonus level by spending 500 candies. The details of the bonus level is given below:

Level 1: Only ground and background
Level 2: Grass is added to landscape
Level 3: Hills are added to landscape
Level 4: More grass is added to landscape
Level 5: A tree is added to landscape
Level 6: More tree is added to landscape
Level 7: Clouds are added to landscape

Android wear Smartwatch users who have tried lots of terrible games and trying to find a unique game, has appreciated this game a big time. The game is perfect for all Android wearable smartwatches i.e. Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and Moto 360. This game is also featured in wear games category of Google Play and is on top for months.

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