The announcement of wearable devices by Google was another step towards innovation and the giants in the smartphone arena launched smart watches right away. Now smart watches such as the Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch, Motorola Moto 360 and others are available in market and smartphone users are switching their simple watches to smart ones.

The announcement of smartwatch was the moment when game and apps studios realized that this is an area that they could throw themselves into. Many developers and studios have started testing the water for developing apps and games for smartwatches.

Founded a few months earlier by a serial entrepreneur in Dubai, Teensy studios assembled a team committed to develop a lasting global entertainment experience by developing games with high end production values and engaging play experiences, with a focus on the new wave of wearables.

The game studio has launched their first free to play wear game ‘Skyscraper Jumper’. It is an endless runner game with eye catching visuals of interface and backgrounds. You need to tap or double tap to jump carefully between the towers and see how far you can go.

“We have lived in Dubai for many years and it seemed to fitting to feature the skyline of one of the most visionary cities on Earth with something as futuristic and novel as a game on your wrist” said Fozia Ashraf, CEO of Teensy Studios.

With an estimated emergence of wearable devices in the lives of smartphone users, Teensy Studios founder and CEO, Fozia Ashraf, is excited about the response of the first game on wearable platform in first 2 days of its launch on google play.

“The game ‘Skyscraper Jumper’ is another effort of our team to rock the Android Wear platform and we are going to launch many more.  The wear arena is a great space for gaming. We want to take advantage of the unique social opportunities of this platform better and before our inevitable competitors.” said Fozia Ashraf.

The game is available free on Google play. Visit the link given below and download for free.

Download Now:


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