Rotator is a 3D touch enabled game with simple mechanics and intuitive controls. Ultimate addictive and incredible game with amazing graphics and simple game play. This is a simple one touch, challenging and hard to master game with color circles that need to match by rotating the arrows. Spin the circle after arrows releases color balls or circles and tap to change divert to match the color. The finger will be speed up spinning after you tap to catch color ball. Beware, don’t let the color circles touch with opposite color. If you miss any circle, it will bounce back through the walls and then you can match through rotating the circle. As many time you miss the ball, it will bounce back faster. Want to tests your brain's reflexes? How long can you last? Support and Feedback: If you have any technical issue please contact us at Please include the device information and if possible send a screenshot of the problem. The more information that you provide to us, the better we can serve you and fix the bugs that may exist. Thank you.