Slot Machine for Android Wear Smartwatch is easy to play, fun to win without spending money out of your pocket. It provides you the best casino experience on your wrist. You can buy more credits from the store if your credit is zero. This game provides you some gorgeous graphics, smooth animations and refreshing atmosphere. sounds guarantee a premium slot experience.

Start the action with 100 free coins provided to you. Choose the amount of coins you want to risk and then spin. You can bet for 10, 50 or 100 coins. It really is that simple!

In this Slot Machine game, you need to complete the sequence of the shape by spinning the options available. You lose the game if you are unable to complete the sequence in given time. If won, credits would be added to your bank.


- Fast and accurate

- Gorgeous presentation/authentic sounds!

- Premium slot experience for the Android Wear Smartwatch

- This app is for entertainment purposes only.

- No real money can be won in this game.

If you like slots game, give Slot Machine a go on your Android Wear Smartwatch!