Top wearable game developer Teensy Studios brings you a pack of 5 great apple watch games. This pack include following 5 games.

1.Free Fall
Help the little ninja to escape from dangerous jungle.Tap to change direction, avoid all on coming hurdles. How far you can go?

2.Burj Builder
Do you love to build burjs?
Build your tallest burj.Tap to place pieces on right places to build burj.

3.Ball Escape
Poor bird is trapped in a castle.Help the little bird to escape from bouncing ball. How long can you survive?

4.Force Block
Can you keep this ball in room?
Tap to block the screen from bottom. Don't let the ball escape.

5.Rotator Avoid
Avoid the red ball. Tap to rotate clockwise and tap again to rotate in anti-clockwise. Survive as long as you can.