Some games are about characters, their struggles, their efforts, their jumps, their runs, their dreams, their powers. Other games are about logics, systems and fantasies. There are some games as blocks fall from above and you break it into pieces, or you need to correct a pattern, or you collect enough currency until you can afford a power-up. Then there are the games about places. But here is a game different from all of these.

Panic Tap is a simple tap game with plenty of entertainment for all. This game is all about panicking. Panic tap is a game for android smartwatch users looking for an interesting yet cool game for their wearable. As the emergence of wearable devices in the lives of android users, mini games for wearables is a niche that has not been explored better and before than Teensy Studios.

There are five mini games in Panic Tap that you need to master. Keep tapping and play all 5 games – you need to be quick to get as many points as possible before the time runs out. These 5 games are of different nature and you need to finish all of these. Score is based upon the points you score in the limited time.

These five games are as follows:

Bug Smasher: The bug smasher game is all about killing the bugs by hitting them and you can’t miss any of them.
Eat Donuts: In this game, you have to eat donuts as much as possible in the specified time. More you eat, more points you score.
Pong: The game is based upon the ping pong concept of playing with a ball. You can’t miss it as well. You have a slider, move it under the ball and don’t let it miss, and it will bounce back in air.
Seasaw: There is a ball on a stick in this game and you need to balance the ball on stick. Don’t let it fall for 30 seconds.
Tickling: 3 rows or paths for an object and you need to identify the object as early as possible in which row it appears.


  1. An Android Wearable experience
  2. An ultimate test of speed and accuracy
  3. Eye catching visuals of interface and backgrounds
  4. Addictive gameplay

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