For people who like horror or zombie movies like Evil Dead, World War Z, Resident Evil or Land of the Dead  and even more, many zombie games has been introduced over a long period of time. These games are available on almost every platform from playstation to desktop to mobile. We can hardly find any zombie game of Android wearable smartwatch that were always asked by the horror genre lovers.

Zombie Bomb is a fun shoot-em-up fest on Android wearable smartwatch. This is a class defense game packed with action and strategy. Zombie Bomb is an arcade style game for all Android wearable smartwatches. It is an interesting and fascinating game with some flashy colours and eye catching graphics. Its actually a mission to fight off hordes of zombies to save humanity. A group of humans is trapped in a castle, zombies are going to attack them but you need to rescue and the only solution.

Zombie Bomb takes classic defense games to a whole new world. In this classic defense game, you are tasked to defend a castle from zombie attack. This old school game with a whole new mission designed specifically for Android wear, probably the best defense game for Smartwatch. Players need to take the command of a chopper with weapons to hold the defense against endless waves of enemies on the castle. The key is to show their resistance and stop them progressing.

In this game, there is another zombie assault on mankind that takes place on earth and zombies are trying to take over each and every building. It’s now up to you to try and save some of the Earth from these horrible and undead zombies, attacking the humans to rule the Earth. There is unlimited ammunition for you to make use of. You need to drop missiles and bombs from the chopper on these hungry zombies trying to destroy your castle.

In the start of the game, you will find yourself out on a chopper in a dark haunted area where is moreover large number of bloodthirsty zombies. The gameplay here is a lot of fun and thanks to the controls being really quite easy to get to grips with, This game is challenging and fluid at the same time. You just need to need on the watch face to drop the bombs and destroy these zombies. The retro style in this game invokes memories of playing games of 90s, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.


If you are unable to overtake these bloody zombies, you will lose all of your life points and you are dead. Your turn is over and the zombies are free to move forward. It’s kill or die situation in this zombie game, and you need to keep playing for your life or the zombies that want to dine your flesh and brains will kill you for sure. A lot of players might find it hard to put down after short periods of time.

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