Are you looking to unleash your inner petrolhead? If you’re a devoted racing game fan, or fancy some driving action, chances are you’ve been playing Need for Speed, GTA, CSR Racing, GTR Racing sort of games for desktop, Android and iOS devices. For years, there are some undisputed champions in the racing space.

But if you’re using Android Wear Smartwatch, you don’t have choice to select a fancy racing game. Teensy Studios released Wear Rider few weeks back, that has been widely used and appreciated by the racing game lovers looking for some action of wearable devices.

Here’s a shocker for those gamers, who love car racing games but don’t want to drive. Teensy Studios launched another game that we often can’t get in the real world. Wear Hopper is a different racing game that keeps you away from driving but still involves a lot of action and thrill.


Wear Hopper is an action-adventure wear game different from the typical driving game. It offers an experience full of high speed chases, jumping techniques and lots of destruction.  It doesn’t offers you to get your hands on the latest supercars or racing cars, and you don’t have to handle them on a racetrack.

The game, Wear Hopper, provides you nearly unlimited entertainment on Android Wear Smartwatch. You have to fly along the cars on a high-speed thrill ride through the wild streets in ultra-realistic environment. You dont have to fasten your seat belts now as you are not racing inside the car. You will be jumping from one car to another on the high speed track.

The racing in this Wear game is fluid and fun, and while car accelerometer, speed or direction is not in your control, it is, overall, an entertaining experience. There are no powerups or drifting challenges, cars to modify or even choose from. you won’t be tuning cars or upgrading them, just you jumping on the cards in a wild chase.

This is a unique game for wearable platform as you can’t find any racing game like Wear Hopper. There technically aren’t even other players or competitors on the track when you play, but you can’t keep travelling on a single vehicle as it would be destroyed in the fraction of seconds. So you have to quickly choose another car to jump and move forward.


If you’re a racing fan, this one is arguably worth picking up for Android Wear Smartwatch. It’s definitely not for racing fans looking for driving some fancy cars, but if you’ve grown tired of Need for Speed, GTA or other racing games, it’s well worth a look.

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